Generational Healing Mass

In Lamentations 5:7 it states: "Our forefathers have sinned and are now dead, and we bear their punishment." The Healing of the Family Tree is directed to lifting this punishment or bondage of body, mind or spirit; and this is done by applying The Healing Power of the Eucharist.

The core of the Healing Service is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated for the intention of healing these bondages that are trans generational in one's family tree.

Nothing in the liturgy is changed in the Mass. At the close of the Mass a post-Communion prayer is recited by the priest with the congregation, praying for the healing of all family members of the congregants, living, deceased, and even for those who don't yet exist for their preventative healing.

There is a distinction between sin and the effects of sin. Only original sin – not personal sin – inherited, as Paul teaches in Romans 5:12. But the Bible teaches that sin's counterpart, the effects of sin – punishment – in the form of suffering, illness; inclination toward sinful habits, addictions, etc. can be inherited.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Communion, in both its personal and communitarian dimensions is the most powerful means of healing any disorder especially the family's trans generational bondages that Scripture refers to.


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