Past Homily

February 10, 2019

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                                               Peter’s Boat

The Fathers of the Church in their writings put the analogy of the Catholic Church as a “boat of salvation.”  This special and only boat brings those who are in it safely to heaven’s shore.  The analogy is a biblical one and is evidenced in such examples as the Ark of Noah that saved those inside from the flood and the episode recounted today where Jesus teaches His saving truth to the crowds from a boat especially the boat of Peter.

There is only one church (boat) in which the authentic teaching of Jesus comes to us and that boat belongs to Peter.  This one boat is called the Catholic Church.  It was founded by Jesus Christ Himself and will endure until the end of time.  Though there are many other boats that claim to teach the message of Jesus, the Catholic Church is the only boat that was commissioned by Jesus.  All the other boats may contain some aspects of truth but ultimately only the Catholic Church has the fullness of the saving message of Jesus.

The purpose of the Catholic Church is to continue the saving mission of Christ.  This is represented by the great catch of fish that Peter makes at the command of Jesus.  If Jesus is with us our efforts are meaningful.  To turn away from the teaching of Peter and his successors is to turn away from saving truth and put oneself outside the boat where the waters are deep and dark.

To love Jesus is to love and adhere to the teaching of His Church.  We have to follow the teaching of His Church.  We have to follow the teaching of Jesus through His Church. Our Church teaches against abortion, homosexuality, women priesthood etc.  Let us follow the teachings of the Church and attain everlasting heaven. 

“Lord help us to follow Your teachings and one day we will see You face to face and enjoy eternal life.”












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