Past Homily

          The Homily of Father Jose 

May 21, 2023   Seventh Sunday of Easter

The Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord gives us great hope in our life.  We are created by God to know Him, love Him and enjoy happiness in heaven with Him and His son Jesus who sits at His right hand.  Jesus is now actively interceding for us with  His Father.

Before ascending to heaven, Jesus gave authority to His disciples to continue His ministry.  Although the body of Jesus was taken from their sight, the world continues to witness the power of Christ’s body through the bodies of His apostles.  Jesus promised five signs would accompany those who have professed their faith. They will expel demons through the utterance of the Holy name of Jesus, they will speak new languages, they will handle serpents, they will drink poison, and they will heal the sick; through the lips, tongues, and hands of the apostles, the glory of Jesus Christ and the Gospel will continue to be revealed.

If we want to ascend into heaven to enjoy the heavenly joy, our thoughts, words and desires need to be one with Jesus. We should obey the Commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  If we do not follow Christ we cannot attain heaven.  People who live in sin and do not repent cannot attain heaven. Abortion, homosexuality, disobeying the commandments, living a sinful life and dying without repentance can lead us to eternal punishment in Hell. 

“Lord Jesus, You ascended to heaven and are sitting at the right hand of the Father, give us the grace to follow Your teachings and attain heaven.”











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