Past Homily

The Homily of Father Jose  -  August 11, 2019

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time  -    Faithful Servant

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to be alert.  We don’t know the time God will come to get our account. We need to prepare everyday like a faithful servant.  For our Father has entrusted us with very much.  It has pleased Him to give us the kingdom. The angels announce this same divine delight to the shepherds “Peace to those with whom favor rests.” (LK 2:14)

We please the Father when we use to His glory the great graces and abilities He has entrusted to us. The fate of the servant who abuses His authority and power is to be cut off from his master and banished to dwell with the unfaithful. His guilt goes beyond even his appalling irresponsibility.

The bad servant had sinned against the faith and trust. He betrays his covenant with his master. He abused wealth and servants of his master. We need to be faithful to our God who gave everything to us. We cannot abuse the gifts, which are given to us.  If we abuse the gifts of God we will receive severe punishment.  Let us be faithful and vigilant.  We cannot hide anything from God.

“God help us to be faithful to You every moment of  our lives.” 










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