Past Homily

The Homily of Father Jose -  April 4, 2021

 Easter Sunday “Jesus Has Risen, Hallelujah”

The greatest miracle in the world is not the blind recovering their sight, or the deaf hearing or the multiplication of breads; but the resurrection by his own power of a dead person already in the tomb for three days. We know many miracle workers who have died and are gone. We know many founders of religions and denominations, who died and are gone. We know many kings who conquered the whole world, but they too died and are gone.

However, we know only one person who was a miracle worker, the founder of a religion and a king of kings, who resurrected from the dead by his own power. Today we celebrate His resurrection, His greatest victory over sin and death. It is a glorious day for each one of us!

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to his faithful and loving friend Mary Magdalene because she loved Him selflessly and unconditionally. She was very grateful to Jesus because He forgave all her sins and healed her spiritually and emotionally. After she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she never committed not even a single sin. She became a holy person, and so Jesus was very close to her. She received many privileges and blessings.

When Peter and John found the empty tomb, at the beginning they suspected the Pharisees had played another trick. But they saw and believed! Sometimes, people have doubts about Jesus; they doubt His power in His healing, love, care and mercy. But today’s Gospel inspires us to run to Jesus as Peter and John did. Let us run and see if He is alive! I challenge you to run and see if He has the healing power, love, care and mercy to transform your life. We need to come close to Jesus to experience fully all
His powers.

Through our Baptism, we have been raised up with Christ and are a new creation. Let us live our Baptismal promises! “Risen Lord, we thank you and praise you for your redemptive suffering, death and glorious resurrection. We thank you for giving us new life through your death and resurrection.” 





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