Past Homily


      From the Homily of Fr. Jose

     January 29, 2023  Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

     “The Beatitudes”

We have all learned by heart the eight beatitudes at our Sunday school classes; and over time we have tried to put them into action.  These beatitudes are the best ways to attain ever-lasting glory.  Mahatma Gandhi studied the beatitudes and practiced them. But many people in Jesus’ time did not practice them and their fellow men suffered because of injustices. Even in our world today, including many developed countries like ours, there are many thousands of people who are in dire need because of continuing injustices and lack of love.

The early Christians suffered tortures and death for preferring the faith of Christ, but they felt privileged to be called on to imitate their divine Master. Today many suffer persecutions because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  To all these, the despised and the persecuted, Christ gave the promise of an eternal reward which would repay a thousand fold.  It was this promise that gave the strength to so many to persevere in their faith and their trust in almighty God.  Then, what should we do? We can begin by eradicating from our own heart every racial, national or other prejudice. We can spread this leaven among our fellow men. 

It is true the beatitudes or happiness can be found by people only in heaven, but a certain portion can be enjoyed in this world if mercy and peace are practiced by all people. So, let us practice the beatitudes to achieve the everlasting kingdom! “Lord, make us an instrument of your peace.  Give us the grace to show compassion and love to all the people.“









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