Past Homily

     The Homily of Father Jose 

      November 19, 2023 -  Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

      Make Use of Your Talents 

God gave everything to us, even life.  How do we accept His special gift? Many people destroy this special gift of God through abortion and murder. This gift (life) is better than any talent or money.  In today’s Gospel, we see what the master did to the wicked servant who buried his master’s money.  The master ordered him thrown into the darkness (Hell).  You can imagine what will happen to killers and other sinners.

The lazy servant didn’t know that the hole he dug became a grave for his talent and his body.  We need to utilize our talents, time and all we have been given by God.  God gave us 168 hours a week, how do you spend this time?  How much time do you spend with God?  Your eternal happiness is the divine reward for your earthly service faithfully rendered.  The false excuse of the third servant is repeated in many forms among us.

If you knew Jesus is coming tomorrow how you would change your life?  We are to live our lives in a way useful to the Lord.  God has invested a lot in us and God expects a return.  You will be held accountable for what has been given to you.  Why not offer God your heart and talents?  You are the steward of God’s gifts, if you use them wisely, you will receive a great reward.  “Lord, thank you for the talents you have given us and the gift of life.  Give us the wisdom to utilize these gifts cheerfully and generously to build up Your kingdom.”                            











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