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The Homily of Father Jose-June 9, 2019-Pentecost Sunday-The Birthday of our Church

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  When the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, we received our holy mother Church.  Even though Satan is working against our Church, we need not be afraid because the Holy Spirit is leading us and protecting us. We find especially these days that Satan is using even Bishops and Priests to destroy our Holy Church.  But I say again, be not afraid, the Holy Spirit is with us.  He will protect our Church until the end of time.

Although, Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to his apostles after his resurrection (John 20:22), the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday was a public manifestation intended to impress and amaze the crowds of local and foreign Jews who came to Jerusalem on that great festive occasion.  The Holy Spirit appeared in the form of tongues (Acts 2: 3).  All the apostles received this special gift of tongues, as a sign that they had received all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, which enabled them to proclaim the good news of Jesus to every nation.

Look at what happened to Peter on that Pentecost Sunday. While he was timid, uncultured and uneducated, he stood up and preached about the crucified Christ.  He did not have fear of anybody; rather he was full of wisdom.  Here we see the power of the Holy Spirit at work.  Our Holy Church has a lot of enemies even within the Church. But the voice of the Holy Spirit is still as strong as it was on that day of Pentecost in Jerusalem.  His divine power will never diminish.  So let us pray to the Holy Spirit to cleanse our Church and empower us to fight against all the enemies.

“Father, pour out your Holy Spirit upon us.  Let us cleanse our hearts through your Holy Spirit, so that we can be closer to you from now and forever.”           








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