Past Homily

   The Homily of Father Jose  - November 21, 2021

 Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe                  

Today, we are honoring Jesus as our King who humbled Himself in order to raise us up to the status of children of God.  He is the King who suffered the cruelest of deaths so that we could have an endless life of happiness after we leave this world.

Do we really honor our King as we should?  Do we really meditate often enough on all he has done for us?  Christ, our divine King gave us a new life and freed us from the slavery of Satan.  So we have to be grateful to our King who saved our lives from eternal death.  We are no longer mere mortals, we are the children of God.  Coming under Jesus’ rule, even at the last hour, brought the repented thief great joy and peace.

St. Augustine once said that our hearts are restless until they rest in God.  Let us ask Jesus our King to reign in our hearts.  When we are restless, he can become our rest.  Nothing is impossible for Him.  Today, let us renew our loyalty to Christ our King.  We are privileged and proud to be His subjects.  As members of His church on earth, we are as yet in the preparatory stage of that kingdom.  If we do the little that He asks of us during this period of preparation, we are assured of being full citizens in His eternal kingdom of happiness and peace.

“Lord Jesus, you are our King.  We place every situation in our lives under your authority.  Fill us with your love so that we can come under your reign more fully.”  










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