Past Homily

The Homily of Father Jose  -  October 18, 2020

Twenty-Nineth Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                                 “Dual Membership”

When you are born in the United States you are a citizen of our country and are obligated to follow the rules of our country; if not you are punished and may go to prison.

When you are baptized you become a citizen of the eternal kingdom of Heaven and you must follow the Ten Commandments of God, the Supreme Authority.  If you do not follow the Ten Commandments you will receive the punishment of eternal hell. 

Why are people not afraid of breaking God’s Ten Commandments?  A majority of the people are breaking the Third Commandment by going to movies or games instead of going to Church; are breaking the Fifth Commandment by having abortions; and the Sixth commandment by committing adultery, dressing immodestly and indecently, and practicing homosexuality.

Being baptized Catholic and becoming a citizen of Heaven does not guarantee that you will go to heaven and attain eternal happiness.  In order to get to Heaven you must follow all the rules of the church, observe all Ten Commandments and make God’s will your top priority.  You were not created for the temporal world but for the eternal world.  

“Lord enlighten our minds to understand our dignity as your children.  Let us do your will     so that we may be closer to you and attain everlasting glory with you.” 







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