Past Homily

The Homily of Father Jose  -  July 26, 2020

          Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Work for the Kingdom of God

In St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus spoke many times about the kingdom of God.  He told many parables about it. The reason for Jesus’ incarnation was to save us from eternal death and to bring us into his eternal kingdom, where we find eternal joy and peace.  In union with God, we will enjoy eternal happiness. God created us to share His happiness.

One of Jesus’ parables was about the treasure buried in a field. The kingdom of God is the greatest treasure, which we cannot see or experience while we are living in a materialistic world. The attachment to material things prevents us from seeing and experiencing the eternal kingdom.

To receive this valuable gift, we need to give up many things we enjoy in our lives.  This is a great sacrifice.  Look at the crucifix, Christ sacrificed his own life to give us the eternal kingdom. There are many ways to reach this kingdom. Some of those ways are praying, fasting; receiving graces from the sacraments and from charitable works we perform.  We have to get out from Satan’s path that leads us to eternal death.  We have to follow the way of Christ who is the good way.   His way is the way of the cross. It is narrow, winding, and very difficult. But remember this difficult path is leading us to 
eternal joy.

“Almighty God, You sow the seed of Your Word into the soil of our lives. Many times, we failed to receive Your Word. Give us the grace to follow Your path to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.” 











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