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         The Homily of Father Jose

September 11, 2022 - Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

          Prodigal Son

In today’s Gospel we found that the prodigal son who was a great sinner repented and came back to his father’s house.  The father didn’t give up on his son.  He patiently waited for his son’s return. He accepted his son unconditionally because he repented of his sins and became a new man.  We know the story of Mary Magdalene, St. Peter and St. Augustine.  Even though we are great sinners we have plenty of time to repent and change our life and come back to our Father’s house.  We don’t have to be depressed like Judas.

In todays story who is the real sinner? The oldest son who didn’t show compassion to his only brother who changed his life style and totally became a new person.  Where was his charity?  He became jealous of all the attention surrounding the return of his wayward brother.  He committed the greatest sin by refusing to enter the father’s house out of self-righteousness.   

Jesus enters the homes of sinners in order to draw them into the house of His Father. The self-righteousness of the complainers like the Pharisees and Scribes keeps them from grasping this.  They didn’t understand the mission of Jesus.

What should we learn from today’s Gospel? Our Father in heaven is full of mercy. Though we are sinners if we give up the old life style, the culture of death and repent, God forgives us and accepts us into His kingdom.  Many people have lost the sense of sin. Many don’t follow the Ten Commandments. Many live in a sinful life and try to please God but they don’t receive any blessings from God. We all have to change our sinful life style and come back to God. “Dear God, You are a wonderful and merciful Father.  Help us to follow Your way.” 





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