Past Homily

          The Homily of Father Jose

June 16, 2024 -  Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus’ parable of the Sower and the seed is a very important subject to meditate upon.  God is the Sower and his Word is the seed. Christ’s description of his audience is unfortunately as true today as it was in during His public ministry.  His message has been preached to all parts of the world but very few people accept it and live up to it.  God plants His seeds all over the world. The majority of people refuse to accept the Word of God, which is our spiritual food.  

Most people in the world are spiritually hungry but don’t understand their hunger because they don’t feel it.  They utilize most of their time to make more money and increase their worldly possessions. They try to nourish their body through parties and gluttony, which leaves no time for spiritual nourishment of their soul.  These hearts are filled with vices and material things, which have no room for the Word of God (seed).  

So let us prepare our hearts to receive the seed of faith, hope, and love.  We need to repent and make a good confession.  Then our hearts are clear like good soil to receive the seed.  We will produce the best fruits and earn eternal happiness.  Let us receive the Word of God with a clean heart and produce good fruit.  Let us be the instruments of Christ to plant the seeds among our fellow human beings.  Then we will find happiness and peace in our life and will become the real followers of Christ. 

“Holy Spirit, open our hearts to the power of the Bible.  Make us into the good soil that receives Your precious words and bear the fruit of Your love.”      Amen














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