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The Homily of Father Jose  -  March 29, 2020

Fifth Sunday of Lent  -  Jesus is the Resurrection and Life 

Jesus came to give us grace and life.  Because of sin all people were spiritually dead.  Through his death and resurrection, Jesus defeated Satan and eternal damnation.  He came to promise eternal life to every human being, who believes and trusts in him.

Just as He wept before the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus weeps over all those who are either unaware or unwilling to believe in the eternal life.  Jesus grieved because of people’s distrust in Him, not
listening to Him.

Even Martha and Mary, his close friends had failed to listen to Jesus.  They did not understand who He was, but they knew that Jesus had a special relationship with God.  Martha said to Jesus:  “I know that whatever you ask of God, He will give you” (John 11: 22).

In this gospel, Jesus took the death of Lazarus as an opportunity to make very clear that He was more than a miracle worker with special access to God.

Jesus demonstrated that by raising Lazarus from the dead, He was indeed the resurrection and life. We all need resurrection.  We all need a new life, for we are dead spiritually.  Jesus gives us that new life through the sacraments, especially Baptism, Confession and Holy Eucharist.  Today, Jesus is challenging each one of us to come out from our graves by confessing our sins! Let us use this time of Lent to cleanse our hearts and minds.

“Jesus, you are the resurrection and life.  Give us a new life so that we can be your
true disciples.”             













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