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         The Homily of Father Jose  -  October 20, 2019

          Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                              Pray Always and Do Not Lose Heart

The quality of prayer depends on the condition of our heart.  If our heart is filthy or full of sin, our prayers don’t get much benefit.  We have to clear our hearts with perfect repentance and a
good confession.

Sometimes we wonder why our prayers are not being answered.  We pray every day but with no result.  Many people who come to my Healing Mass have asked me “Why don’t I get any healing?”  I ask them certain questions. I find out that some of them are living in mortal sin.  If we are living in mortal sin or a generational problem there is no healing.

If our heart is far away from God or if we lose heart because of weariness then the words of our prayers are uttered in vain.  Christian prayer is more than an isolated act.  It is our covenant relationship with God in Jesus Christ.  Jesus prayed all the time especially before any of his actions.  (LK 3:21; LK 5:16; LK 6:12; LK 9:18; LK 9:28-29; LK 11:1; LK 22: 41-45).  Jesus insists on perseverance in prayer.

In today’s first reading like Moses we may grow weary at times of making the same requests day after day.  We may even be tempted to give up.  That is why God has designed us to live as members of the Church.  That is why he gave us brothers and sisters in Christ to lift up our hands when we become tired just as Aaron and Hur helped Moses.

“Lord, thank you for answering our prayers according to Your Holy Will.”  




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