Current Homily

         The Homily of Father Jose

April 21, 2024 - Fourth Sunday of Easter

           Listen to the voice of the Shepherd

Jesus is our good shepherd who came from heaven to lead us to eternal happiness.  We need to listen to His voice and follow Him. If not, we will be astray. Jesus, the Good Shepherd is guiding us through the Pope, Bishops, and priests.  How many are listening to the Pope, Bishops and priests?  Very few are listening and following the teachings of Christ through his priests.  Many are following Satan who is misleading us.  He is trying to lead us to eternal punishment.

God called many to become priests and continue the mission of Christ.  When God called me to continue the mission of Christ, I said “Yes” to God.  When I said “Yes” to God, I thought about the Blessed Mother.  The unselfish “Yes” of Mary brought Christ into the world.  I bring Christ into the world whenever I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because I said “Yes” to God.

The greatest thing I ever did, was on my ordination day  I dedicated my priesthood to the Blessed Mother. I was ordained on the Blessed Mother’s Feast day and Mary, the Mother of God has taken care of me in a thousand ways in every step on my journey.  She so often gave me thoughts to comfort people when I didn’t know what to say or how to start.  She has given me faith to walk in darkness.  She helps me in my priestly ministry especially my healing ministry.  This is the main reason I am doing the healing ministry on the first Saturday of the month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary who is the help of the sick.

“Blessed Mother help us to be closer to Your Son and receive  his healing power so that we may be healed from all  kinds of sickness.” 







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