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The Homily of Father Jose  -  September 20, 2020

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time  -   The Vineyard – The Church

In today’s Gospel, we find that God is very generous.  He is calling people every moment.  He treats people the same no matter who they are.  God does not care whether you are a cradle Catholic or a convert. Sometimes, we think because we were born into the Catholic faith we receive more privileges than those who were not. We must welcome all new members and visitors to the church.

Jesus told His disciples more than once that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Mt. 9:37) God can use more people in His vineyard.  If you are young, old, sinner, or uneducated, be not afraid, God can fill you with His power and send you out to work in His church.  Look at all the apostles who were illiterate and sinners.

If you remain in the vineyard and labor honestly, you are assured of reaching heaven after your death. The work you do in God’s vineyard is the fulfilling of the duties of our vocation.  By carrying out these duties faithfully, you are doing the will of God and receiving eternal life in heaven.  Even if you were living a sinful life, it is not too late to go to God’s vineyard to receive God’s grace to attain the
eternal kingdom.

Looking back on your past life, how many years have you really given to God who gave you everything without any limit.  Today’s parable gives you new hope.  It may be the sixth, ninth or even the eleventh hour of your life but you can still enter heaven if you listen to God’s call and do His will. 

“Lord, thank You for calling us to your vineyard and giving your graces to attain the eternal kingdom.”









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