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             The Homily of Father Jose- June 16, 2019 - The Most Holy Trinity

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Blessed Trinity. Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, and next week we will honor the Feast of Corpus Christi. The church celebrates these feast days to understand the mysteries of our faith. Through faith we understand God, not with our minds but with our hearts. Sometimes we think we know everything. But this kind of mentality is intellectual pride. Jesus being God humbled himself to teach us the way. Without humility it is very hard to learn anything and to receive the grace of God. If we say we know everything, nobody can teach us anything. God teaches us through Scripture and the homily spoken by the Priest, when our hearts are properly disposed.

The Blessed Trinity will be understood in heaven, if we get there. A man said to me once that he could not understand this mystery, and so he did not believe. But we know from our daily lives that we believe many things that we do not understand. For example, the hands of talented musicians work together with the strings of the guitar to produce delightful music!

In the same way, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work harmoniously together to make us participate in the divine life.  Once in Scripture, the three persons of the Blessed Trinity appeared together, that was at the Baptism of Jesus at the Jordan. The heavens opened up, the Father spoke and the Spirit came upon Jesus in the form of a dove. The Trinity came together before us.

In our Catholic prayers we always start "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit", and also in the Creed we profess our belief in the three persons of the Trinity.  We know that each person of the Holy Trinity has a special function; the Father (creation), the Son (Redemption) and that of the Holy Spirit is the sanctification of our souls.

This is our faith, three persons in one God. It is hard to understand but once we reach heaven, there will no longer be more mysteries. Let us follow God’s teaching and the truth revealed to His holy church so that we can attain the everlasting kingdom.  "Heavenly Father how deep and mysterious are your unsearchable ways, send your Holy Spirit upon us to teach us and guide us in our journey to the eternal kingdom.







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