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The Homily of Father Jose

May 29, 2022  -  Seventh Sunday of Easter

          Ascension of Our Lord

The Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord to heaven is the wonderful proof that Jesus is God.  This gives us a great hope in our life.  It shows the supreme lordship of Jesus over all material things.  Watching the ascension is a cause of joy.

We are created by God to go to heaven and enjoy the heavenly happiness with God.  He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us to reach heaven.  He helps us to be free from sin, which is a major obstacle to reach heaven.  Let us follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit who gives us all gifts and fruits.

If we want to reach heaven we need to follow the laws of God.  Our thoughts, words and desires need to be one with Jesus.  People who live in sin and do not repent and do not turn back to God cannot attain heaven. Abortion, homosexuality or other mortal sins can lead a person to hell rather than heaven. 

We live in a sinful society, which is very much polluted.  We need to stand against all evil and stand with God who can help us to obtain our eternal home.  If not, we can get into trouble.  We need to reach heaven, which is our real home.  Let us stay away from material things, which lead us to eternal hell.

“Lord we rejoice today in Your Ascension to Heaven.  Help us to follow Your way so that one day we reach heaven and see You face to face.” 









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