Current Homily

February 17, 2019

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


                                                                       “The Beatitudes”

Beatitudes are the important teachings of Jesus. St. Luke uses his beatitudes to make clear the way life

is to be lived inside God’s Kingdom. The beatitudes are not suggestions.  They are commandments. 

They are so important and central to Christian living.  Gandhi, The Father of India, lived according to the

beatitudes. St.  Luke gives a warning, “woe” to those who ignore Jesus’ direction.  A woe is an expletive. 

It is a curse so it is very serious.  We have an obligation to help build the Kingdom of God  and that means

finding those who are outside and bring them in.  Hunger is a sign of need and neglect.  How much do we

think about hungry people?   When we are feasting many are starving and dying.  If we ignore the poor,

the hungry, those in pain and those who have been excluded we will be in disfavor with God.

This is a very serious warning.  Let us follow the beatitudes and build up the Kingdom of God. 









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