Current Homily

         From the Homily of  Father Jose 

      July  14, 2024 - Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time   

Christ could have spread His Gospel without any human help.   He could never have gone to every part of the world, yet He chose the weak people. This choice showed His Divine  Love and understanding of weak human nature.  God gave us the gift we call free will so we have the freedom to accept His invitation to do our mission.  

God loves everybody black and white male and female.  People of every nationality and religion.  He came to die for all human beings.  We have to thank God for His death for our salvation.  So let us respect and love each other because we are all the children of the  same God.   

Today’s Gospel Jesus sent His Apostles out to do some preaching and healing.  He told them  to travel light. They were not allowed to carry money or food or any extra change of clothes. They had to depend on people’s hospitality and on God’s providence for everything they   needed.  God teaches us to live a simple and humble life.  Jesus said learn from me I am simple and humble of heart.  Remember we are travelers of this world we are on a long trip but  we will not live here forever. As St. Paul said our destination and our real home is heaven.  We  are not going to take anything with us there except our good deeds.  

Let us follow Christ who is the way to heaven. If we do not follow Him we will miss the way to eternal happiness. Let us have attachments to Jesus not to material things.  Let us travel light.      




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