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The Homily of Father Jose   November 22, 2020

          Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Today we honor Christ as our King. Jesus told Pilate “My Kingdom is not of this world.”   He admitted that he is the King.  He was not a political or military leader.  What kind of King is he?  Where is His Kingdom?  His Kingdom is a Kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, a Kingdom of justice, love and peace.  It is a perfect Kingdom, that is why we pray “Thy Kingdom come”

It is interesting that in today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of the final judgment.  He makes no mention of anyone being evil.  Rather, Jesus speaks of judging us on the basis of our failure to act, our failure to serve and our failure to reach out to others who are in need. 

In the past several weeks, through all readings, we heard that Jesus is going to come in His glory.  He will come as a victorious King to judge the people according to their deeds.  In today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus speak about the judgment.  We are sometimes so busy avoiding evil that we fail to do good.  We fail to be a humble servant who reaches out to the hungry, the stranger, the poor, and the sick.       

Jesus is our compassionate Shepherd-King. He wants to bind up our wounds and lead us gently to His home.  Even though He is our King, Jesus tends His flock as a Shepherd.  So let us follow this King with clean hearts.  He is the eternal King of the eternal Kingdom.  We honor      Christ our King by keeping the will of God foremost in our thoughts, words, and actions.

“Jesus, I worship You as my King. I thank You for saving me from Satan’s attack.  Help me to follow your will so that I may dwell with You in Your eternal Kingdom.”    






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