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The Homily of Father Jose -  August 18, 2019  

          Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus came to teach us the truth.  But many were unhappy to hear the truth, which shook their conscience.  Many were living sinful lives.  When Jesus challenged them, there was confusion among the people. He knew well that to persist in this teaching would mean death for Him.

From a human perspective, Jesus had two choices, either to stick to the truth and endure the consequences or to abandon the truth and live longer, which is easier and more enjoyable. But Jesus was faithful to His Father and he willingly accepted death on the cross. He did not come to the world to please the people, but to please His Father.

The call to us today is to stay faithful to Jesus.  If we are faithful to His teachings we can attain the eternal kingdom! However, we know that if we stand up for righteousness there will be division. If we do the right things we can be labeled and left without friends.  If we attempt to defend the Catholic Church, our own people put us down. We find division among Christians, even among Catholics!  This is because some of them do not follow the teaching of Christ. Even among family members we find division. This is because some family members are faithful to Christ, while others are not.

Lord, I trust in you. May your Spirit protect me in every struggle and battle.  May the fire of your love warm my heart and move me to love even those who hate me.





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