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From the Homily of Father Jose

February 5, 2023  -  Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time

 We are the salt and light

If we really follow Christ, we should become the salt and light of this world. Both images signify that Christians can mediate a transformative effect on the world.  The real vocation of a Christian is to show forth the image of God.  We do so by living to the fullest the relationship with our God, who can make us and keep us salty and shiny for His glory.  In union with God, we become the salt to season the world. 

This means we can preserve and purify the world.  The salt which losses its taste suffers the harsh penalty of being “thrown out”.  In this regard, the tasteless salt is like a fruitless tree. 
So if we are tasteless, we are not useful.  Unlike the holiness that becomes our own through union with Christ; tasteless salt deserves to be trampled underfoot.

A true Christian is the light of the world.  Like the transfigured Christ, Christian’s light must dazzle others.  Our union with Christ sanctifies us so that we may shine like the sun in the Father’s kingdom (Mt. 13:43).  For through the illumination of our lights, others are able to see our good deeds for the glory of God.  We should be light to those who are in darkness.  We should lead them to the eternal life.  It is amazing how one candle can provide enough light to see the entire church. We can be that candle, and that light to give brightness to those around us.  “Lord Jesus, make us the true light and salt of this world.  So that we can be light to those who are in darkness.”






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