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The Homily of Father Jose

November 26, 2023

                        Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

As we reflect today on the glorious kingship of Christ and His magnificent kingdom, we should realize how holy we must be to live in that kingdom. “You must be perfect as Your heavenly Father is perfect” MK.5:48. Jesus admitted to Pilate He is the King, but not of this world, but of the eternal kingdom.

Jesus is our King and Our Lord.  If we want to enter this kingdom we have to follow His teaching.  When Jesus died on the cross He brought a new reality into the world.  He gave us the joy of being citizens of heaven and co-heirs of the Kingdom of God.  We are called to witness the love offered by Christ the King.

The Holy Spirit works through us to bring the world closer to the kingdom that Jesus inaugurated by His death and resurrection. Will you accept Jesus as your King?  If you say yes, “You must repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand” MK 1:15, “Seek first His Kingdom” MT 6.33, “Choose to be a subject of the King Jesus by submitting your will to Him in everything” 1 Cor 15:27-28, “Make a radical choice to give everything to Our King Jesus” Catechism 546. 

It is a challenge to allow Christ to be Our King and give up our personal freedom. To have Christ as our King means we submit to someone else’s authority.  Jesus is our God and King let us surrender our life to Him then we will find joy and peace.  If we don’t submit our will we will never be happy. “Jesus, Our King, help us to bring Your kingdom into this world more fully.” 






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